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Digital Endowments

Inheritance Automation

Alfred provides a safe way to store, spend, monitor, and invest protected wealth.

He starts by walking people through the steps necessary to create a "crypto will," provide a consensus algorithm for generating proof-of-death, and enable executors to pay debts and distribute assets to beneficiaries at the click of a button.

Once proof-of-death is established, Alfred gives the designated executor the power to settle the deceased individual’s outstanding debts and the smart contract distributes their assets to beneficiaries either “as-is” or settled for Ether thanks to our integration with Kyber.

Stay in control

Protect Your Crypto

Our self-sovereign endowment solution combines an oracle with a live man’s switch to provide a crypto estate management dApp.

The oracle monitors electronic death reporting systems (EDRS).

The live man’s switch provides configurable confirmation and contest periods.

The dApp makes it easy and safe to store, spend, monitor, and invest protected wealth.

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Our Team

Ken Hodler

Formally CTO and early contributer at KeepKey. Deeply interested in economics and decentralized technology systems.

Aaron Anderson

A dApp engineer, equity partner at BlocX, and cofounder of Web3Devs experienced in bringing dApps to market.

Morgan Sherwood

A dApp engineer, algorithmic trader, and lifelong developer skilled in Python and smart contract security analysis.

Seth Goldfarb

A marketing professional who makes emerging technologies more accessible to businesses and their audiences.